2022 Project Story: Fiji Nadi

Although Fiji is well known for its beautiful beaches and five-star resorts, 34 percent of the Fijian population lives below the poverty line. An estimated 140,000 people currently live in substandard housing conditions in informal settlements, and that number is increasing.

Poverty and inequality continue to be a problem. The rising cost of living and natural disasters have increased the vulnerability of the poor. The most at risk communities also lack piped water, adequate sanitation, electricity, and/or trash removal. This year the situation has deteriorated further due to COVID-19. Tourism contributes nearly 40 percent to Fiji’s gross domestic product, and individuals and families have been directly impacted since closing the borders.

We will be working in a village in Fiji that has been susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. In the past, the village has never had an adequate center for shelter during hurricane storms – something that many villages in Fiji rely on. Furthermore, many locals lack the funds or confidence to visit hospitals, and therefore have no access to healthcare. The village chief and members of the village have been searching for resources in order to renovate and expand their current, run down village center, which functions as an important structure for Fijian culture and the center of village-life.

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will renovate and expand a facility in their village. This facility will serve as both a storm shelter and healthcare center. Here, members of the village will receive medical attention in a clean environment, gather for daily village events and meetings, and have access to a refuge during tropical storms. This long lasting structure will ensure safety for many individuals and families in the village.
Source: Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF Mobile Kindy Program