2022 Project Story: Costa Rica San Jose

Costa Rica is a country of extreme economic disparity. Although Costa Rica is more developed  than a lot of other Central American countries, it is one of the few where extreme poverty is on the rise. Some of the major issues that Costa Rica faces are juvenile education, help for single mothers, and refugee housing. Ultimately, these issues lead to higher rates of substance use and homelessness.

Due to its relatively low crime rates and more stable government, Costa Rica is an asylum for many Latin American refugees. The addition of these displaced people increases economic and political pressure on the Costa Rican government and society. Our project will be focused on combating issues of substance use to help those affected by it through rehabilitation programs. 

Our summer project for HumanitarianXP Builders is building workshop warehouses where those going through therapy rehabilitation will be able to learn new skills before returning to society. We will be creating homes of hope where this community will be learning skills that will ultimately improve their lives.