2022 Project Story: Costa Rica Cartago

Costa Rica is a country of extreme economic disparity. Although Costa Rica is more developed  than a lot of other Central American countries, it is one of the few where extreme poverty is on the rise. A major issue that Costa Rica faces is early childhood education due to lack of facility resources in the mountainous rural areas of the country.

Due to its relatively low crime rates and more stable government, Costa Rica is an asylum for many Latin American refugees. The addition of these displaced people increases economic and political pressure on the Costa Rican government and society. With a myriad of problems to address, the importance of educational progress has been a lower priority compared to other in-country issues. Early childhood education is important to ensure that children are developing their cognitive and social skills from a young age. Our project will be focused on combating issues of scarce resources in the rural communities of Costa Rica through the construction of classroom buildings in an undeveloped neighborhood. 

Our summer project for HumanitarianXP Builders will be working to build classrooms for youth and increasing opportunities for education and positive activities. These classrooms will give the community the opportunity to expand the number of children that they serve in the area. The extra space will allow for smaller classroom sizes and more personalized learning.