2022 Project Story: Colombia Cartagena

In the last seventy years, Colombia has been working hard to bounce back from the 1948 civil war, which resulted in decades of civil unrest, illegal drug trade, violence, and increased poverty. Although peace and safety have significantly improved, the effects of this period continue to impact public systems like education, which still stands as a limited resource in rural areas.

Colombia has grown and strengthened its education system, but overall quality and efficiency of basic primary and secondary public schools is extremely poor, particularly in low income, rural areas. Approximately 1.2 million school-aged children do not receive any formal education. Textbooks and other school fees are a huge burden to families in the lowest income levels.

The foundation we will be working with helps families that face these trials. In the village, HumanitarianXP Builders will be serving in surrounding areas where generational poverty cannot be broken due to lack of education. This could be dramatically changed by getting them access to educational resources like textbooks.

The local library is a source of pride within the community and stands as a symbol of years of hard work. It has been an outlet for children and other community members to read, attend classes, and participate in technological training. However, it was constructed with poor resources and has suffered years of weathering, rendering it unsafe. This library will soon be torn down, but the community doesn’t have the resources to rebuild a new one. This loss of space is a tragedy to both present and future members of the community. 

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will be constructing a new library that is designed to withstand weather conditions and last for years to come. It is predicted to affect about 100 children immediately, and many more in the future. Students from the community are excited for the project and looking forward to contributing alongside HXP Builders.