2022 Project Story: Brazil Santarem

Currently, four out of ten kids in Brazil drop out of school. Most of these children come from low-income households and drop out to enter the workforce to help support their families. A recent study showed that as a result, 18 percent of Brazilians are functionally illiterate. This means they can read words and write numbers but can’t understand full sentences or do simple math.

Expanding access to primary school is critical in solving this problem. If a child completes primary school, their adult earning potential increases by 15 to 20 percent. That makes a real difference in quality of life! In Brazil, lack of education remains a problem in part because of a large number of decaying school buildings and a lack of basic infrastructure.

This year, HumanitarianXP Builders will be working in the Amazonian city of Santarém to build a school for a neighborhood in desperate need. Because they don’t currently have a functioning school building, students travel long distances to attend classes in a different area. If they can’t afford to travel, they are unable to attend school. We are partnering with the government to build a school in the students’ own neighborhood, to remove the barrier of distance and increase education accessibility.

In Brazilian culture, it is common for families to live in the same neighborhood, or even the same home, for many generations. Because of this, the efforts of our Builders will not only affect the lives of the local children, but they will be able to trace this impact to their future children who will eventually attend the same school. Your impact will be felt for generations to come.