2022 Project Story: Blue Ridge Mountains

Coal mining is the economic backbone of many small rural communities in West Virginia. As the demand for coal declines, families in these areas have increased difficulty providing for themselves and making ends meet. The Appalachian Regional Commission’s (ARC) annual report shows that the socioeconomic status of the region is heavily distressed, and several counties in West Virginia ranked most severe. 

Because of this long-term economic instability, reasonably priced, safe, and sanitary housing is increasingly difficult to find. This has become a substantial problem. In West Virginia, 48% of households fall within the bottom five percent of the U.S. median household income. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of volunteers, many repair projects have been delayed, and many individuals are waiting for relief support.

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will be partnering with Southern Appalachian Labor School to rebuild homes near Charleston, WV. This area accounts for about 60% of the local families living in poverty. Together, we will work to make homes warmer, safer, and drier so families have a space they can enjoy. 

Source: Southern Appalachian Labor School