Portal Tips and Tricks

Your Builder Portal is going to be your best friend from the time you get placed on your trip to the moment you leave to the airport this summer. We have plenty of “tips and tricks” to help you best utilize the portal this year. 

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page for all the updated information that you need to know as you prepare for your trip.

Pro Tip: For parents that have more than one child going on an HXP trip, make sure you are on the correct Builder portal by checking the drop down on the green bar at the top of the page. 

Pro Tip: The email you used to log in is the name that shows up at the top of your portal. This does not mean you are in the wrong account. Parents at home and Builder accounts are linked. 

Base Communication: This is a record of the most important emails we will send you throughout the year before you leave on your trip. Search the “subject lines” listed below in your email to recall information.

Subject lines:

  • A count down until the start date of your trip
  • Your Financial Summary 
  • All the most important emails that we have and will send you before summer
  • You can expect your 
  • What can I find on the dashboard? 
  • Screenshot?
  • When can I expect my flights? 
  • When can I expect my Group Me? What is the purpose of the Group Me?
  • Packing List

Paying for your Trip

Paying for your trip is done directly from this page. It is essential that you pay the cost of your trip by the deadlines you agreed to at registration. For the Financial Timeline read more here.


At the top right corner of this page there is a link that Builders and parents can send to people that wish to donate to their trip cost. This link is specific to your account, so the donations will be sent directly to your financial record. Pro Tip: Make sure the donors know that legally their donations will never be refundable. Read more here.

Cost Breakdown


  • Can I avoid the 3% charge?
    • No…
  • Will I get a confirmation that my payment went through?
  • Company match?


  • Parent/ Builder packet
  • Authorized notarization
  • All about you
    • Take time and be honest when you are answering these questions. We want this information so the HXP office and your Trip Leaders can better individually help and serve you.
  • Group me
  • Passport 
  • Emergency contacts
    • Read here to see how else we keep our Builders safe
  • Travel info
  • health info
  • visa (if applicable)