Malawi Packing List

REFUGE Packing List

Location-Specific Variations

Temperature: Cold, Dry, 50°-70°

Checked Bags/Sightseeing: You will not have access to your checked bag before you go on your sightseeing day trip. Make sure you’ve got everything you need in your carry-on and personal item.

Our Pro-Tips:

  • It is COLD! Make sure you bring a big coat, sweatshirt, beanie, warm pants—whatever you need to stay happy. It gets chilliest at night, so you’ll want your plan your outfits for evening activities this way.
  • Builders that went to Malawi last year wished they’d brought more snacks, so if you’re a picky eater, consider bringing some treats you love. For more snack-packing tips, check out this blog post.
  • Safari Tips
    • Mornings on safaris are cold, make sure you bring a light jacket! You’ll also want to bring a pair of binoculars so you can see everything.
    • Bring small amounts of bug spray and sunscreen in your carry-on so you have access to them during the first-weekend sightseeing.
    • We suggest bringing some snacks with you in your carry-on so you have access to them during the trip.