Jordan Packing List

REFUGE Packing List

Location-Specific Variations

Temperature: Hot, Dry, 80°-95°

Checked Bags/Sightseeing: You’ll have access to your checked bag before your sightseeing weekend, so you can split your stuff up however you’d like!

Our Pro-Tips:

  • The dress standard is Jordan is very conservative, so it’s important that you follow clothing guidelines and opt for loose fitting, modest (in terms of body coverage and style) clothing. While clothing standards vary from region to region in the Middle East, many western trends are inconsistent with conservative Jordanian standards. For this reason, both boys and girls should bring pants that cover your ankles for trips to sacred places like mosques, and girls should bring a large headscarf to use as a hijab (this can also be purchased in the country). In addition, please refrain from packing any clothing with American flags or recognizably American logos.
  • Because of the heat and dress standards, we recommend lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. You’ll be happiest in light-colored, thin, breathable materials—for more ideas check out the Jordan Instagram page (@hxp.jordan), specifically during weekend sightseeing trips and evening activities.
  • You’ll need to drink a lot of water while sightseeing and while you’re on the worksite. If you get bored of just drinking water, we suggest bringing some flavoring packets/drops to switch things up. If you get a drink mix with added electrolytes, that is a bonus! We really like this brand.