Jerusalem Packing List

SUMMIT Jerusalem Packing List

Location-Specific Variations

Temperature: Hot, Dry 70°-90°

Checked Bags/Sightseeing: It’s best practice to pack enough clothing for at least two days in your carry-on bag. Doing this will help you have enough clothing if your checked luggage gets delayed or lost for any reason. 

Our Pro-Tips: We dress conservatively to blend in with the Middle-Eastern culture of Jerusalem. Dressing modestly and conservatively also keeps us safe. Plan on wearing modest, loose-fitting clothing. T-shirts and blouses must come at least to your collar bone and with sleeves that come closer to your elbow that your shoulder. Pants must come to your ankle. Skinny pants and leggings are not allowed. For girls, dresses must come to the collar bone and cover shoulders as well as reach well below the knee. Jeans are acceptable, but must not be torn or worn out. You can wear knee-length shorts to cover your swimsuit in limited situations, but for the most part, you will wear ankle-length pants in public. 

Wide-brimmed hats are encouraged to protect your face and neck from the sun.

Avoid clothing with slogans, political statements, and American flags. 

Following these guidelines will help us blend in with culture and keep us safer as a tour group. We will also connect with the culture better. The locals will be more comfortable and grateful for respecting their standards of dress and grooming.