Meet The Team

Builder Experience Team (BX)

The Builder Experience team manages all the communication between the office and our Builders. This includes phone calls, emails, registration week, Builder packets, etc. BX absorbs our IT, Brand Impact, and Parent Builder teams. 

IT Team coordinates all the technology logistics of our website and back end system that holds all our Builder and Trip Leader information. 

Brand Impact organizes all our social media posts and visual advertising.

Parent Builder Team organizes and provides training for all the Parent Builders. 

CEO (Amy)

Our CEO, Amy, has been a part of HXP (formally HEFY) since 2016. Since joining the company it has grown exponentially. She is the eyes, ears, and hands of HXP. 

Finance/ People Team

Our finance team is responsible for managing the finances between Builders and HXP HQ as well as HXP HQ and locals in the countries we serve. 

Flights Team

Flights Team directs all the contacts for every 334 trips during each Summer. 

Programs Team

Programs Team is responsible for planning the itineraries for every trip we run. They work around the clock to find sustainable service projects so our Builders can be confident that every trip we have has meaningful service. They work with local coordinators to plan activities with the communities, especially the local wards and youth. 

Trip Leader Team (TLT)

Trip Leader Team spends their time recruiting and filtering through Trip Leader applications, and with help from God, they select the best of the best Trip Leaders. They plan a thorough training weekend for the Trip Leaders to ensure safety for our Builders.