2022 Health Questions

COVID-19 Vaccine

Although not all of our 2022 trip locations require travelers to be vaccinated to enter the area, we have made contractual agreements with our sightseeing, project, and lodging vendors that hinge on our promise that all participants will be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Because of this, we are sticking with our requirement that all Builders are fully vaccinated in order to participate on their trip.

To review the vaccine agreement that you signed upon registering for your trip, click the button below. For more information about the factors that played into our decision to require Builders to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, click here.

Location-Specific COVID-19 Regulations

Each location we’re traveling to this summer as unique COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. While it’s ultimately up to you to make sure you’re following your trip-specific guidelines, we want to make sure you’ve got access to the information that we’ve already gathered! 

We’ve created blog posts for each trip locations that include things like pre-departure tasks (if you need a negative test before travel, what type, and when to take it), local regulations, in-country testing, and contingency plans. Our Program Designers that plan and manage our trips will update these resources as information changes, so plan on reviewing your associated blog post 60 days, 30 days, and just before you leave on your trip to keep up with any new information.

Builder Checklist: Health Information

The following questions are common questions we’ve received regarding the Health Information section of the Builder Checklist. If you have other questions that haven’t been answered, you can contact us by email at info@humanitarianxp.org or phone at (801) 900-4111.

Health Form & Doctor Verification

I got an email saying my doctor’s note is missing but I already sent it to my doctor?
If you got an email with a URL link it means you have filled out your part but your doctor has not yet done their part. You could (1) re-send the link provided in that email to your doctor, (2) if your doctor doesn’t want to fill out our form online/digitally, you can open the link yourself, print off the webpages, and take the physical copies to your doctors office. Once they are filled out you can scan them and email them to us at info@humanitarianxp.org. If your doctor tells you that they have already filled out the link but you are still getting our reminder email, you can verify this yourself by clicking the link. If it opens with the message “You submitted this form on (date)” then it is truly is complete, but if it opens the editable form it means it was not submitted properly and we kindly ask you’ll have your doctor fill it out again. 

My doctor doesn’t have an email address, what should I put in?
If your doctor doesn’t have an email address they can provide you, please enter your own email instead. Your submission will automatically trigger an email to be sent from our system, which includes a link to the version of the form that a doctor needs to verify.

Finish this process by bringing your phone to the doctor’s office and having them fill it out in person, or print it out and bring in the paper copy for them to physically fill out. If they fill the form out offline, please take their answers after the fact and enter them into the online form.

I have some health concerns that may make it complicated for me to go on my trip, can I still participate?
It is crucial that you are honest about any abnormal health conditions that you have so HQ and your Trip Leaders can make sure you can fully participate on your trip and still have a wonderful experience! Please be thorough in your health form so we are able to best figure out how to help and support you during your trip.

Each year, we have Builders that come on trips with extreme allergies, diabetes, and other various physical and mental health conditions require a little extra support. While it’s ultimately your job to monitor yourself, our Local Coordinators are able to make accommodations and we can provide more information about your specific trip so you come into things with a game plan.

If you have additional questions about a specific health concern, please reach out to us.

COVID-19 Vaccine Card

I’m not fully vaccinated yet, but I don’t want to miss my Builder Checklist upload deadline, should I upload my partially finished card now?
No! Make sure to wait to upload your vaccine card until you are completely vaccinated. Our office staff is working hard to review all uploaded vaccine cards to make sure each one is done correctly and isn’t counterfeit, and it will mess up our checking process to have incomplete cards submitted.

We understand that it takes a while to get fully vaccinated and won’t be penalizing anyone that is a little late to upload that checklist item. If you are planning on uploading your vaccine card after Monday, May 2, please notify us so we can add a note to your account. 

Immunization Records

What information needs to be uploaded?
This checklist upload should include a list of your up-to-date immunization records (chickenpox, measles, tetanus, etc.). It is typically a one or two page document, and is what you would submit to a public school at the beginning of the year. You should be able to get these records from your pediatrician.

What if I don’t have immunization records?
The most common use for the immunization record is to verify a recent tetanus vaccine if medical care is needed on the trip. If you do not have your immunization record, upload your most recent vaccine(s) or a document listing your vaccine history to the best of your knowledge.

What if I haven’t had any vaccinations?
Aside from the COVID-19 vaccine, we only require vaccines that are necessary for entering the area (i.e., yellow fever for Ghana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe). If you haven’t had any vaccinations, please upload a document saying that.

Are there any other vaccines I should get for my trip?
We don’t require any additional vaccines (aside from yellow fever, see above), but if you want more information about recommended health and safety measures for your location, visit the CDC page for your trip’s location.

Insurance Card

I don’t have insurance, what should I upload?
HumanitarianXP’s travel insurance covers short-term medical emergencies, but you’ll need your own medical insurance just in case you have a problem that requires continued treatment. HumanitarianXP’s insurance will only cover after claims have been filed through primary insurance. For more details about our travel insurance, click here.

If you don’t have medical insurance, you will be in charge of covering any payments that fall outside of our insurance. In lieu of an insurance card, please upload a signed document stating this.

Should I purchase international health insurance?
We’ve got international insurance, so you won’t need to purchase additional coverage! Click here to review our policy.