Utah Jazz Volunteer Catering 2021-22

 Melissa Gibbs and Marcia Ellisor are the directors of Premier Athletics,  a nonprofit group out of Utah that supports families as they fundraise for kids’ extracurricular activities. As parents with passionate, involved kids, they recognized the financial commitment it takes to help a children follow their dreams, and wanted to aid in this fundraising process. Last year, Melissa and her daughter earned enough money to pay for her HumanitarianXP trip to Zimbabwe, and plans to do the same with her son in 2022. Because it has been a huge help to their own families, Melissa and Marcia wanted to pass the same opportunity on to other families participating in HXP trips and looking for fundraising options.

Premier Athletics partners with local Utah event venues like Vivint arena, Rio Tinto stadium, and Smith’s ballpark to do premium catering on a volunteer basis at all of these venues. Volunteer shifts last 4 to 4 1/2 hours, pay $60 per game, and include tasks like helping serve guests, busing tables, and cleaning up at the end of the night. This includes a break and a free meal (the same food you serve to the guests). After volunteering, Premier Athletics will send the money directly to HumanitarianXP in the Builder’s name, and also send an invoice to the Builder showing what funds were sent and when.

Volunteers can pick and choose which events they’d like to work, and can come volunteer as long as they are high-school aged (must provide high school ID) or older. If teens come in, the organization prefers that their parents join them. Some volunteer choose to work all of most games during a season, and can earn up to $2,200 by working all the Jazz games in a season at the Vivint arena. Multiple family members or friends can also earn money that is all donated toward the same cause, so a family of four would be able to earn $240 working a single game. In the case that the team makes playoffs and has additional games, there will be more opportunities for volunteer and fundraise.


  • Have a current food handler’s permit
  • Wear black slacks (no yoga pants, leggings, or jeans), black nonslip shoes, and black socks
  • Wear the remaining required uniform (provided by the venue)
  • Be vaccinated and wear a mask during your shift (this is arena policy)

For families and teens trying to earn money on behalf of their HumanitarianXP trip, this is an opportunity to not only earn money to pay for your humanitarian trip, but also to make new friendships. If you are interested, click the button below to sign up for dates to work.

If you have any inquiries about this process, please contact Melissa.

Melissa Gibbs: (801) 448-2358, melissa.true.gibbs@gmail.com