COVID-19 Testing

As the Coronavirus continues to present challenges for international travel, countries around the world are updating requirements for testing upon entry. At HEFY, we are constantly working to stay up to date on COVID-19 restrictions to keep Builders and parents informed about preparing to travel for Summer 2022. We want these trips to be as fun, meaningful, and safe as ever, so we are requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for all builders.

Your preparations for your trip may include getting a negative Covid test before your trip. Follow your country specific information blog post very carefully. Insurance covers many, but not all, testing options. You are responsible for taking any required Covid tests and providing the results in the appropriate time frame. Make sure to do your research and prepare accordingly based on the testing center you choose.

Testing Tips

  1. Schedule your tests in advance. It is important that you have a plan for your test! If you are having a difficulty finding a place to test that works for you, keep reading for a link to various resources we’ve compiled.
  2. Make sure you get results in time. Your country-specific blog post will give you the window for testing, but we suggest getting at least two test from different companies in case one is delayed or comes back inconclusive. For same day testing, check your provider to find out when you need to take your test to get your results in time.
  3. Don’t fake a COVID-19 test. As counterfeit results spike, airlines have cracked down on verifying negative results. There have been cases of this where travelers have been arrested for faking results–PLEASE don’t do this!

Covid Testing Options

We do not endorse nor are we affiliated with any of the following companies but we are simply sharing options that we have found to be successful.

Option 1:

For Utah-based builders, TestUtah offers a free PCR test that produces results in an hour for those who are traveling. You must be prepared to show proof that you are traveling (flight details, etc.) The only location in Utah that has their own travel line (which guarantees a quick result) is at the following location: 

UDOH – Cannon Bldg 288 N 1460 W, Salt Lake City, UT, 84116

You must get an appointment at beforehand.

Option 2:

We have compiled a varied list of options for testing. Click the button below for details about normal, at home, same day, and airport all over the United States.