2022 Covid Blog: Jerusalem

COVID Travel Requirements: Jerusalem

Requirements at a glance...

  • Type of tests needed before departure: none
  • When to take your tests: Israel no longer requires a covid test to enter
  • Other pre-departure tasks: Fill out the Israel COVID vaccine form (48 hours before travel).
  • Testing in Country: Test ($30 USD) before returning to the US. You must prepay for this test on your Builder Portal under the “Pay for My Trip” tab.

Keep reading for more important details:

We know you’ve probably had a few questions about COVID-19 testing and regulations before and during your trip. This blog will help answer those questions and outline exactly what you need to know before you leave.

Should I quarantine before I go?

We strongly suggest that you self-quarantine one week prior to your trip to mitigate risk of getting sick before your test. If you get sick and test positive, or do not receive a negative test result in time, we will do our best to put you on a later trip, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible. You would need to pay for your new trip in full and there would be no refund for the original trip you were scheduled on.

Do I need to get tested before I leave?

No Covid test is necessary before flying to Israel. Israel no longer requires a negative Covid test to enter its borders.

If I get a positive test result before my trip, can I get a refund?

As stated when you registered, there will be no refund for your current trip if you test positive or are unable to acquire a negative result before departure (see our COVID Response page for more information).

Will I have to take any more COVID tests once I'm on my trip?

A rapid-antigen test is required to return to the US. These tests cost $30 and will be taken in Israel before departure.

You must prepay for these tests on your Builder Portal under the “Pay for My Trip” tab.

Do I need travel medical insurance?

Israel requires travel medical insurance to enter. HXP provides travel medical insurance for each traveller, so you do not need to buy travel medical insurance. Your trip leaders will provide a certificate of insurance to enter the country.

COVID Vaccine Requirements?

The Covid-19 vaccine is required for all 2022 HXP participants. You will need to bring your physical vaccine card with you on your trip. Do not laminate or modify your vaccine card in any way.

If you are not fully vaccinated or bring a counterfeit vaccine card you will not be allowed on your HXP trip. 

Vaccine booster is not explicitly required, but is highly recommended by the local government. These regulations are subject to change—we recommend keeping up with changes in Israel’s COVID restrictions on your own as well as checking this blog post regularly to monitor changes.

All WHO-approved vaccines are accepted by Israel, including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Are there any other COVID requirements?

Israel requires each traveler to fill the form at this link 48 hours before departure: Israel COVID vaccine form

What happens if I test positive while on my trip?

If you test positive for COVID-19 while on your trip, you will be required to quarantine at your own expense . We recommend obtaining health insurance to cover this potential cost, in case you test positive while in-country. 

How might gathering restrictions impact my trip?

Church meetings are currently in-person and Israel has minimal gathering restrictions.

Please visit the Israeli Ministry of Health website for additional questions: 


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